Welcome to My Generation Beer Co.

You are the first and last of your kind.
It ain’t what you got,
it’s what you make.

Whatever it is – do it now,

the conditions will always seem impossible.

Sail away from the safe harbour.

Keep the faith.

You are the first and last of your kind.

Believe in yesterday

My Generation

Session Pale Ale

My Generation Beer Co. holds experience and integrity in great store, which is why we brew our beer in Masham, Yorkshire where six generations have devoted their lives to quality beer.

My Generation beer – Session Pale Ale – is our first and signature brew. It’s a light straw colour, made with four whole flower hops: Polaris, Galena, Cascade & Magnum and the best British Maris Otter barley.

Pin sharp and star bright.

In the words of Jimi, we dedicate this beer to, “everybody here with hearts…any kind of hearts and ears.”


330ml can 4.7%


9 g cask 4.2%


30 litre keg 4.7%

Listen to the music

Bands, songs and videos from the past and present to inspire My Generation.


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eyes & ears

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The past hasn’t gone. It hasn’t even passed yet.


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T-shirts – coming soon…

These will be available to buy pretty soon. More details to follow.


“I faced about again, and rushed towards the approaching Martian, rushed right down the gravelly beach and headlong into the water. Others did the same”.

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